Accommodation Conditions:

1.When entering the hotel, do not forget to present your ID cards to the receptionist, those who refuse to give their IDs will be expelled from the hotel.
2.Entrance to the rooms starts at 14:00,rooms are handed over at 12 o'clock at the latest. If there are empty rooms in the hotel, an additional hourly fee for the room and a fee for the services used are required at the late exits allowed.
3.The room you will stay in is determined at the time of entry and the location and adjoining room is not guaranteed.
4.The extra beds in the rooms are not up to normal bed standards.
5.Rooms floor are ceramic.
6. Pets are not allowed in the hotel.
7.Depending on the weather conditions, indoor and outdoor spaces operate
8.The all-inclusive service begins with dinner, dinner is served until the number of days spent, and on the day of departure only lunch is served.
9.It is mandatory to wear a bracelet when spending the night at the hotel, the hotel will not serve guests who refuse.
10.Silent pool and surroundings are installed for guests to relax. Not suitable for children to play games, water entertainment and other entertainment.
11.All inclusive concept begins at 10 am ,and ends 12 pm (midnight)
12.The crib is suitable for babies up to 2 years old, length 120 cm, height 80 cm.
13.The mini club is suitable for use by children aged 4-12.
14.There is no nanny service in our hotel.
15.The hotel serves alcoholic beverages and serves the European concept.
16.It is forbidden to give alcohol to people under the age of 18, even under parental supervision.Guests who do not follow these rules will be deprived of alcohol service in their rooms
17.Guests who behave inappropriately under the influence of alcohol will not be given these drinks again.
18.The concept of the honeymoon may vary depending on the season. The content of the concept is at the discretion of the hotel.
19.Our guests who spend the night at the hotel for their honeymoon can use this concept no later than 3 months from the date of their marriage.
20.Honeymoon couples must present their marriage certificates at the entrance to the hotel.
21.Free services for children are valid if they stay in the same room with their parents. If the number indicated on the reservation form does not coincide with the number on the card, an additional payment will be requested from the customer.
22.Guests staying at the hotel will not be refunded if they refuse to stay for any reason other than the terms of service.
23.It is obligatory to pay the full amount of the days to be spent at the time of entering the hotel. The reservation will be considered invalid if it is missing or unpaid.

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