Covid 19 & Safe Hotel

Dear costumers ,
In this situation, which is happening on a global scale and has become a crisis, to meet your needs and provide a healthier service, please follow the rules below.
Follow the social distance rules shown at the hotel and the rules available at certain locations.
Disinfect your suitcases by belboys at the entrance and measure your temperature.
Do not change the location of existing items, tables, chairs ,sunbeds and umbrellas in common areas.
Keep your hands clean and stay away from contact, disinfect your hands frequently.
Use medical masks on the edge of the hotel and at the appropriate points.
Follow the written and shown rules hanging in the hotel.
We recommend that you use as many natural ways as possible when ventilating room.
Drink plenty of water and pay attention to the food you eat.
Keep away from children and people with chronic illnesses.
Do not act as a group.
Inform your receptionist when you experience high fever, cough and weakness.
Do not use handkerchiefs and other personal items together.
Use a mask when coughing or sneezing, or cover your mouth with your elbow.
Dispose of used masks and gloves in trash cans.
Thank you for your support, understanding and trust. As a Kemal Bey Hotel family, we are pleased to serve you.
General Manager

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